Chronicles of Carmela

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            Wayne Goins’ first release on Little Apple Records since 2006, Chronicles of Carmela, is a brilliant showcase of Dr. Goins’ guitar and writing chops. Carmela is Wayne’s guitar. From the bossa nova of “Jasmine’s Day”, the Basie-Hefti groove of “Choppin’ Wood” (for Freddie Green), the balladry of “Dale’s Dream”, to soulful outings like “Why Call It Amnesia” and “Deborah at Dawn”), to the easy shuffling “Waylayed” and the kick-butt “Chi-Town” shuffle of “Sink or Swim,” there are really ten different, STRONG grooves in this disc.

Immediately upon hearing the very first track on the CD, you know you are in for a great ride. Goins invites a few musical associates from Kansas State University, where he is Director of Jazz Studies. Pianist Bill Wingfield, bassist Gordon Lewis, saxophonist Craig Treinen former student drummer Matt Leifer, and guest artist Everette DeVan with his B-3 from Kansas City make up the ensemble.

            Carmela herself has this singing tone, and Goins’ sound has a long finish to it that makes his single note runs sound much like a horn. Or, he can play Wes Montgomery octaves, as he gets into on the “Choppin’” opener. Wayne also invokes the Freddie Green comping behind the Treinen, Wingfield, and Gordon solos.

Roger Atkinson