Common Anomaly

by Kelly Mccarty Trio

Released 2006
Little Apple Records
Released 2006
Little Apple Records
Contemporary jazz trio with funk and hip hop overtones
I’ve had the privilege of watching Kelly McCarty, a hungry young lion, mature into a musical man right before my eyes. He has paid his dues and is ready to move out beyond the realm of local hero, a crown he has worn with great humility. I both admire and welcome his courage to step up to the next level.
This versatile young bassist conjures up the cool breeze from his native heartland, blended with the fiery funk of punk jazz with Jaco-esque tendencies. The main ingredient, however, is the daring and inventive bass technique McCarty has boldly placed front and center: the unique performance vehicle known as the Novax. This 8-string animal, first tamed by the legendary virtuoso Charlie Hunter, is featured prominently throughout these eight tracks of standards and imaginative originals, while Kelly rapidly ascends to become a master at simultaneously manipulating bass lines, chord progressions, and melodic lines. He has bravely risen to the challenge that few have dared to undertake.
Thus was born the trio, which has its roots firmly entrenched in hunterfunk. With the superb musicianship of his well-chosen wingmen of Matt Liefer (drums) and Brandon Holloman (tenor sax), I can hear that the future of jazz in good hands. And now it is my great pleasure to put this great music into yours.
Wayne Goins
Executive Producer, Little Apple Records